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Figure 4 is a schematic of the following discussion. The problem now reduces to one of finding new estimates for the Xj values. First, we will solve a set of problems based around a solution that is 0.

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Minteq International v. NLRB, No. 16-1276 (D.C. Cir. 2017)

Available data in the literature should be critically reviewed and the most accurate values incorporated into the. Given a solution composition, calculate the titration curve calculate the titration curve of 0. Select Cl - and set concentration to 1E-8 and click add —this will make the Cl - ion available to you to output the value of Cl - in the titration quirk of program.

M7 Ik, 1. The method is not intended to be used unless the user has been unable to get the Newton-Raphson method to converge. The second method to solve for species in solution is based on the concept of charge balance Ch. Select Sweep output and print to Excel. The calculations are consistent with the accepted ancillary data of Krupka and Jenne Equilibrium constants from Visual Minteq along with equation for each species conc.

The TotH 2 O is always assumed to be constant at Unfortunately, there are cases when the method does not converge.

Mintes on Equilibrated mass distributions:. Click on Equilibrated mass distribution: In the Output Window mijteq there are several things to note in the top boxes in the Output window: For further detail on the mathematical formalism of the constant capacitance model and the triple layer model see Westall a, Lb; Westall ; Westall and Hohl The mass action expression for Equation 25 is the common definition of the Kd, 26 where the implicit assumption is made that S is in great excess with respect to Cdtotal and tne activity of S is set to one since with an assumed excess the variability of S is negligible.

Kinetics mniteq solid precipitation or dissolution may dominate the geochemistry of the system. These activities are then fed to the solubility submodel, which calculates ion activity products for solids and minerals.

The following is the plot after a little editing and putting TotCO3 and TotH on the secondary axis, as before. Both of the surface complexation models of adsorption in MINTEQ, the constant capacitance model and the triple layer model, were developed for and have been primarily applied to crystalline oxides Davis et al.

Set Acetate-1 to 0. Open Visual Minteq software; everything is mintwq.

Minteq International v. NLRB, No. (D.C. Cir. ) :: Justia

Select Component name box and the following will appear. The main features obtained from WATEQ3 are the well referenced thermodynamic data base, temperature correction of equilibrium constants using either the Van't Hoff relationship or analytical expressions for the mijteq constants as a function of temperature, and ionic strength correction using either the extended Debye-Huckel equation or the Davies equation.

Unfortunately, minetq may be a time consuming process. Then only the mass balance equations, excluding TotH, are solved with TotPO4 for the species distributions.

First, we will solve a set of problems based around a solution that is 0.

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The expression is derived from Raoult's law and is valid only for dilute solutions. Noncarbonate alklinity results from such species as OH", A1 OH 4, or HPof" which consume acid during the mintdq titration but do not contain carbonate.

Krupka and Jenne Click and organic acids will be shown:. A fundamental difference between adsorption reactions at the solid- minreq interface and aqueous coordination reactions in bulk solution is that a variable electrostatic interaction energy exists between the charged adsorbing ion and the surface charge on the solid Figures 1 and 2.

The system of linear equations represented by this matrix equation is then solved by gaussian elimination, and a new set of Xj terms are computed.

The value of TotH Sum of protons gained minus the sum of protons lost, i. Recomputed by Krupka et al.


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