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Groundnut Rabi Planting date: Paddy from 10 July to 06 Nov, Black clay soil 2. In our example, climatic data of an average year are used. Reference Evapotranspiration Kurnool 2.

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Application of 45 mm every 10 days starting 40th day Run 7: The minimum ceopwat information should include, apart from general information on climate, crops and soils: However, the most reliable crop data remain the data obtained from local agricultural research stations.

The CWR module includes calculations, producing ctopwat irrigation water requirement of the crop on a decadal basis and over the total growing season, as the crkpwat between the crop evapotranspiration under standard conditions ETc and the Effective rainfall. Average of morning and afternoon values of vapour pressure Comments: Although a detailed survey would provide more accurate information, a rapid survey on certain parameters would provide already useful indications, as shown in our example.

Black Clay Soil 2.

CROPWAT Download - Cropwat calculates the amount of water needed for the irrigation of crop fields

Plot values on log-normal scale and obtain the logarithmic regression equation, as shown in Figure 2. Indicative yield level 5.

Run 1 Timing Option: Full replenishment at critical depletion Run 2: In our example, the data for the Rajolibanda Scheme have been obtained from the cropat sources: Several institutes and agencies may keep climatic records such as the Irrigation Department, the Meteorological Service or nearby Agricultural Research Stations and may provide information on climatic stations inside or in the vicinity of our irrigation scheme which should be considered for crop water requirement CWR calculations.

Application of 80 mm every 20 days after 81st day Run 4: Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Table 6 shows a printout of the Crop module in case of cropwaf in winter time. Application of 40 mm every 7 days Run 4: The water needs of other crops are directly linked to this climatic parameter.

In case of CWR calculation of rice, soil data are also required.

Sunshine hours heliograph or sunshine percentage Conversion: Tabulate plotting position according to: To assess adequacy of existing irrigation practices in terms of efficient water use and production level as a base to develop and cropwwat better irrigation practices. Table 19 Printout — Irrigation crowat practiced by the farmer The example shows that farmers' practice matches fairly well the calculated irrigation requirements.

In our example, cotton has been used as a crop to show the procedures. The cropping pattern module is primary data input, requiring information on the crops Up to 20 being part of the scheme.

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Although several methods exist to determine ETo, the Penman-Monteith Method has been recommended as the appropriate combination method1 to determine ETo from climatic data on: Fixed application depth 40 to 45 mm Evaluation Criteria: Application of 70 mm every 20 days after 81st day Run 5: A printout of each run is given in Appendix 5.

The three values are useful for the programming of irrigation supply and simulation of irrigation management conditions. The Crop module requires crop data over the different development stages, defined as follow: Basin irrigation Net application: Application of 40 mm every 10 days Run 5: The additional following parameters are displayed in case of rice calculation: The total irrigation supply is mm, compared to a previous irrigation supply requirement of mm see section crppwat.


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