Thuglak 44th anniversary

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The crowd could not resist its derisive laughter. An interesting argument he advanced was whereas all political parties including BJP readily express sympathy for any minority in distress, BJP is the only party to console Hindus in distress. Balakrishnan, who recently enrolled online as a primary member. Rangarajan was comparatively unimpressive.

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Thuglak | 44th anniversary | Cho Ramasamy | Jan 2014

Cho responded to the questions then and there except the question on whom to vote for in the upcoming general elections. In terms of crowd frenzy, however, the former takes the cake. Wednesday, January 15, Thuglak's 44th annual meeting. I wonder why no one highlights the presence of 'con' in congress. I think Cho is giving some benefit of doubt to Manmohan Singh which he may not deserve.

Where is the need for her to consult me? Yesterday, he rooted for Modi, saying: When a thuglal readers of Thuglak wanted him to convince Jayalalithaa on this, he said that the general impression that the chief minister consulted him was overblown. Balakrishnan, who recently enrolled online as a primary member.

He dismissed it as a waning party not worth discussing. In the event, he handled his job deftly save an uncalled for reference to Sonia Gandhi as 'the only leader' who was genuinely interested in the safety of prime minister Vajpayee when the terrorist attack on the parliament took place. On 14th January, the normally indolent and inexpressive middle class converged at the Music Academy to coalesce into a mesmerised mass ready to take up cudgels against political atrocities.

He said it is forcing itself to be an Aamaam party 'Yes' party to Congress. The vehemence, of course, dissipated as soon as the crowd disassembled after the 3-hour odd meeting. Alphonse had the unenviable task of defending a party that has become a synonym for scams. He said DMK and Congress would continue to need each other's company to guard against their total decimation in the state.

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But he also 44hh a backup suggestion. Added on 16th January: DMK's influence, in his estimate, continued to wane. Cho felt that though Raja was certainly guilty of corrupt practices in the 2G scam, disallowing his presence before JPC was only to shield persons like Chidambaram and Sonia Gandhi.

Sometimes, Cho invites political leaders to share the dais with him. He ridiculed its tendency to be high on promises and low on delivery because of compromise.

Cho Ramaswamy

He referred to the practice of the prime minister receiving chits from 44fh Ahmed Patel on coal allocation. Paeans of praise were expectedly showered on the editor of the magazine by randomly chosen readers.

Surprisingly, he did not refer to AP figuring in the helicopter scandal also. Arvind Kejriwal had said he had a page chargesheet on corruption ready against Sheila Dikshit and had promised action within a week of getting elected, Cho said. Cho subsequently explained how the prime minister 44rh a lot worse. Parties and policies Division of Tamilnadu Two unnatural deaths: The reader tactfully compared Gujarat and Tamilnadu and said Tamilnadu is progressing much faster on social indicators.

Ganesan of BJP, T. Earlier we had an occasion in this blog to compare this Chofest with Nani Palkhiwala's talkathon on annual budget. Deepavali, Pongal and Thuglak anniversary are all looked forward to with great fervour. thug,ak

Cho's Thuglak 44th Anniversary - DVD

Modi, according to Cho, is assertive, decisive and honest. He had in mind the 'corporate devils'. Rangarajan was comparatively unimpressive.


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