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Not your everyday kind of book, this is deep and despite the depth of the book, this is one that's going to captivate you at every single page. Return to Book Page. I have never had to go through with anyone close to me having to endure cancer or chemotherapy before and reading the words of what Aundrea was experiencing was heart wrenching; the moments she was losing her hair, in pain, the procedures.

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Another emotional journey, BUT not with a knock-you-out punch to the gut …. Parker and Aundrea are happy, immensely in love, and successful.

What's Left of Us

Very emotional, had me in tears, but twisty and turny. Dre agrees to help out her brother- in- law a few times a week.

Given the synopsis, hopes for a happy ending are slim There were times I felt as if Amanra thoughts and feelings were pulled from my own head 10 years ago. It broke my heart. Having gone through very similar cancer treatments in my 20s as Aundrea, it is very important to me as a reader that the author does the homework and get the emotions pertaining to the illness and most especially the treatments right.

We appreciate your feedback. So there I was, last week, driving into work listening to my favorite local radio station while sipping on my morning cup of coffee trying to wake up my sleep deprived body from my late night reading.

What's left of me - Amanda Maxlyn - Wild Hearts Romance

The two of them are doing their own version of Dirty Dancing and they carry it out of the club. The love they have for each other is o awe inspiring. They chose public school, and now Samantha has to live with them.

He lets her know that may be her intention for things to end, but it's not his! Your ex arrived to show off the person he'd left you for last month, and you asked me to pretend to be your date.

What's Left of Me Audiobook | Amanda Maxlyn | white-teeth.xyz

The question everyone wants answered-does Dre die? For me, I think most of it came from the beautiful juxtaposition of such a strong woman od a disease that ultimately weakens you. I can feel the wetness along with pressure between my thighs build and no matter what, I don't want to stop. She seems to thrive on making you feel the rawest of emotions and I have to say succeeded once again. I love love love this book I love how supportive and loving he is.

What's Left of Me is the story of Aundrea. I refuse to cry. So yes, this was a good book, but saying it was great solely based off the epilogue heard round the world just wouldn't be fair. This is a fine opinion to have, and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. And I refuse to give in. She goes home with him and has her first one night stand.

It really makes you appreciate all the small things in life.

The problem is that she doesn't care at all - about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parents' divorce. Make It a Double. I sure as hell don't This was an enjoyable book to readcharacters are great I would recommend this book I kept wanting to read all at once … Show more Show less.

It was heartbreakingly beautiful. No Reviews are Available. Just be prepared to bring tissues.


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