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File details File name: The picture below details how you set up the individual rules. Speed up LastChaos and optimize your PC. Play Last Chaos through a restrictive proxy or firewall.

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white-teeth.xyz - LastChaos by Barunsongames - Boost Your PC.

File details File name: Download Boost and enjoy your PC. Identify and resolves crashes. No spyware, no adware, no bundles, no tricks.

The picture below details how you set up the individual rules. Average CPU utilization across all programs is 0. Now start the game and enjoy! This bit program executes with the privileges as the currently logged in user account.

Your rules page should look like this when you are nksp.eexe The standard version will do.

We recommend that you use a BasicFreedom package or voucher with this game. The instant online savings will be automatically applied during checkout. Stay up to date with news about Boost.

Reduce your boot time. Your first step assuming that YF is already up and running is therefore to install ProxyCap, available from Proxy Labs' download page.

Optimize LastChaos and speed up your PC. What is the community is doing?

When trying to load a downloaded game, says needs Nksp.exe

Your rules nksp.ese should look like this when you are done:. Now configure ProxyCap as follows. A module is a dynamic link library DLL or an executable file that is loaded into the process. Below is a list of non-system modules that are loaded by LastChaos.

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Based on crash data discovered by Boost, stability is a measure of how sound this particular process and the average percent of times it crashes. We won't make you jump through hoops to get all your money back! The installation requires a reboot.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your software purchase, simply contact our Customer Support within 30 days, and we'll refund the purchase price.

Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter. Increase your PC's performance. Note that while the game can be played with FreeFreedom, you may find that performance is somewhat bad. How stable is LastChaos? Average private memory utilization across all programs is View the Boost License Agreement. Part of LastChaos by Barunsongames. Now create rules for the game. It is a "socksifier" that redirects all Internet connections of the game to a SOCKS proxy, in nkzp.exe case the Your Freedom client, without the game noticing it.

Click here to register! Play Last Chaos through a restrictive proxy or jksp.exe. You need to browse to the installation directory of Last Chaos and find the two exe files.


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