Comes with original usb cable. Valid points, string skip saloon gets a bit crazy if notes are not being chocked off. If tuned properly, you should be able to give each string several firm, large bends and it should stay perfectly in tune. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Behringer ucg is capable of the correct sample rate, but for what one of those costs, you may as well spend a little more, get the real cable and not have to faff about with workarounds. The game searches for any detected instrument under the name “Rocksmith USB Cable” or something along those lines. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

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Join us on IRC Chat! Using Logitech Headphones with Rocksmith. If you need a new cable or just have never owned one, you can find a “Rocksmith” cable as well as the “Rocksmith” game and other accessories through the vast inventory on eBay. I’ve had issues where I’m playing ccable open string and the game rockemith repeatedly registering an entirely different note. Rocksmith real tone cable you mentioned would be any different in the game with a different interface however.

Good alternative to Realtone Cable? : rocksmith

Once you have the real tone cable, you rocksmih begin impressing your family and friends with your new musical skills. If you’re playing a C chord, you’ll want to mute the low E string.

Rocksmith Remastered comes with over 50 songs, Guitarcade modes to gamify your learning experience, online leaderboards, a streamlined interface, and much more. In very good condition. Rocksmith real tone cable is a music video game series which aims to teach guitar by letting you plug in virtually any guitar or bass and becomes your personal guitar teacher as it monitors how you play. Works well and is in good condition.

If you don’t practice these tuning principles already, give them a try rocksmith real tone cable see if it improves your note detection. RockSmith Cable Refine Results. Ok, good to know.

RockSmith Cable

I had a friend with a similar complaint rocksmith real tone cable you including it being game breaking and this was his problem. My current issue is the sample rate.

If tuned properly, you should be rocksmiyh to give each string several firm, large bends and it should stay perfectly in tune.

The big reason for this, is any guitar to usb cable that costs less than the RealTone, also has significantly higher latency. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Browse Related Browse Related. For example, I’ve had issues in string skip saloon where I play an open string and the game repeatedly registers an entirely different rocksmith real tone cable. Rules of the subreddit. Not rocksmith real tone cable if this could be your problem, but it may be related to how you tune your guitar.


I’m completely new to audio recording so I don’t know much about drivers, ect. The other end of the real tone cable includes an output jack to connect your guitar. Ever see a live video of Jimi Hendrix where he’s fiddling with his tuning mid song? As far as I know, you will need to change the ingame files for any cable to work.

I have had more luck like that than playing everything as rocksmith real tone cable palm mute, but your experience may differ. Includes disc, original case and box, and guitar adapter rocksmith real tone cable. Optimize Your Audio Setup. National research studies have found that Rocksmit It doesn’t work, and those values reset every time you unplug the cable or reboot your pc. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

And yeah, I agree that ZagtoZee is probably right about muting being your issue then. The use of a second Rocksmith Real Tone Cable allows for simultaneous split-screen cooperative play.

See how you Rank Worldwide with Rocksmith Buddy!

I looked at several guitar-to-usb cables on amazon but many of them had mixed reviews.