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At the time the team was only a handful of devs working out of a shed in rural Australia. The After-Action-Review module allows detailed review of a completed training mission, with vbs player, AI, vehicle movement being recorded, as well as any bullet path and any destruction to objects or terrain.

Skip to content Role: Retrieved from " https: The main menu provides several options, but none are vbe2 conducive to jumping in and playing.

View distances are now typically five times greater than in VBS1 depending on processor speed — level of detail culling has been improved to allow attack helicopters and armoured vehicles to engage at realistic ranges, and forward observers to call artillery fire from greater distances.

UK Ministry of Defence. For yame reason, almost all the features were built for a specific training need of some soldier, somewhere.

VBS2 offers realistic battlefield simulations and the ability to operate land, sea, and air vehicles. The Library also allows you jump in and control any of these objects, setting you a number of different challenges, from the bizarre; racing a Challenger 2 MBT around a track, to the humdrum: VBS2 may be used to teach doctrine, tacticstechniques, and procedures during squad and platoon offensivedefensiveand patrolling operations.

VBS2 to become a new training game in the US Army

For example, while mainstream PC games have been slow to introduce a limitation on the amount of weapons and ammo your avatar can carry around, VBS2 has a sophisticated inventory system that takes into account the weight and volume of items. VBS2 is suitable for training small teams in urban tactics, entire combat teams in combined arms operations or even non-military usage such as emergency response procedures in lethal and non-lethal environments or terrain visualization.

VBS2 provides improved simulation of complex urban areas, including destructible buildings, round penetration through walls and operable and destructible doors. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A new streaming capability provides an efficient means of loading complex terrain areas as object and texture data is processed only when required. Weapon platforms are capable of thermal imaging, simulation of fire control systems and turret override.

VBS2 to become a new training game in the US Army | Blog | Bohemia Interactive

This can be done in the Mission Editor, which allows you to create hugely detailed scenarios with full control of the environment including the date, time and weather.

A quick visit to the manual suggested trying clicking on the Administrator mode icon — which treats you like a responsible adult and unlocks all the menus. VBS2 since version 1.

Links for Further Info Whitepaper: Convoy Simulator which was subsequently retired as a training tool. Once the terrain representation is exported into VBS2, the simulation engine will provide a simulation of the real world, incorporating moving trees and grass, ground clutter, ambient animal life, shadows, dynamic lighting, weather and time of day.

Various militaries around the world paid for these updates.

Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2)

Ultimately, while VBS2 is undoubtedly a fantastic training tool, and a huge leap forward in graphical fidelity from proprietary military simulators, for gamers, VBS2 PE is an interesting but costly distraction from the wait for Arma IIdue out later this year.

What makes a game a game? I have spoken to commanding officers who have told me that the repeated drilling bbs2 troops in the correct procedures using VBS2 means that, when faced with gsme situations in-theatre, they are far more effective; and this has saved lives. No more carrying around four rifles, half a vbd2 rockets and a crate full of ammo then.

Unlike other games, even non-linear games such as Team Fortress 2, which include a lot of pre-made missions or levels, VBS2 PE is surprisingly sparse.

You can easily make your own missions in VBS2 - in this case a recreation of the Iranian Embassy siege of VBS2 is also very uncompromising when it comes to the level of difficulty.

In the game industry, it is common to release a new title every year or so eg Arma1, Arma2, Arma3. The plethora of sea, air and land both pedestrian and vehicles units is hame of the biggest differences between VBS2 PE and most games. VBS2 was officially launched on 17 April Written by James Gorbold.


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