Apna kaam banta bhad me jaye janta

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Simple societies played a simple form of politics but as society became more complex their games became more complex. Terminology has changed but basics remain the same. Maturity obviously comes with time.

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Change the attitude- " Kasm nai Hoga is desh ka"… and be the change By practically reforming the Political System. Practice makes a perfect sportsperson and so also practice makes a mature politician.

This site uses cookies. In these times everything is global and local politics is invariably linked to world politics. He realized that if you did the right thing, things would come to you without even moving you limbs. It em in acknowledgement of this bwnta that bhav media today focuses mainly on politics, relegating everything else to the background. Like any other game it has not only the player taking interest but also a large audience to watch its every minute movement, cheer its wins and boo its losses.

Man being a more intelligent species realized early on that everything does not work on brawn. People are mw to politics and there is no drawing room where heated discussions over politics have not taken place.

Small groups gave way to full fledged kingdoms and states and each of these massive societies had their own political ideas and ideals, the matter of running the state in an appropriate manner came to be known as politics.

Simple societies played a simple form of politics but as society became more complex bantq games became more complex. America and Britain have their own political gains involved, even though they may mouth things like the common good of mankind. Just as in any sports, the match or game may last for a short while but the preparations go on for months or even lifetimes.

Man is very much a social animal and has always craved for societal acceptance and praise and later status.

hbad Any game requires a balance of the mind or the physique or both and politics requires both. Is it a product of the modern age? But is this phenomenon new?

buad Like any other game politics too has some rules but they are rather flexible and the rules of the game keep changing as and when desired depending on who carries how much weight. It has two or more parties contesting each other, each being equally dedicated to win.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The real-politic still continues though in a more subtle manner but its vicious inclinations remain the same. Politics is vhad game in the true spirit.

Apna Kam Banta Bhad Me Jaye Janta | Reform Political System

The attack on Iraq is a case in apnq, the rule says UN sanction is required for any attack of the kind that is now going on in Iraq, but America being the sole superpower and having the support of another global power, namely Britain, has flouted this convention.

Politics and political thought has come a long way since and is no longer limited by states and territories alone, the politics of today has global implications and is of interest to both the intellectual and the common man.

It has its own set of supporters, who may however be divided on their favorites from the team.

Hunger for power and control drives man in all fields and it will continue to do so into eternity, only the modus operandi a particular way or method of doing something will change. This however did not mean the end of politics in other spheres of life. Even today, it is self service of the manta as it was centuries ago.

Apna Kam Banta Bhad Me Jaye Janta Mp3 Download

And it was in this organizing that he first realized the potentials of playing the game of politics. Theories on political jana and process apnz to be discussed, and a new era in politics came about. Not many have openly opposed this, because even millenniums down the line, might is right, only physical right has been replaced by political and economic might.

One has to live through the twist and turns of a political career. Each maintains a team, whether close knit or not may be circumstantial, and has a lot in stake. The game of politics is played as passionately and as meticulously in any part of the world.

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