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Wanted to meet him personally but never got a chsnce. His music still rings in our years and even the current mobile phone generation has seen his numbers being used as caller tunes, such was his spread. He is a desciple of the great salil da.

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Sir i will miss you always Indian Mouth Organ Maestro. It was guptz inspiring to read about such a genius who was single-handedly responsible for generating so much interest in this pocket-sized instrument in India.

People who have his private recordings of western playing have often compared him to the hramonica Larry Adler who once met Milon Gupta when he came to India for the only time. Today at Germany when I see Hohner Chromatica, I feel proud of my teacherperhaps who did the real justice to this instrument after Larry Adler. He had a school of sudents who would only learn Latin and Western music from him.

Dear Kuldeep sir, I have read your comment that you have converted his casettes into MP3s. His mother was a very accomplished singer in Calcutta having sung in the All India Radio. Soon came ''Pasher Badi'', a very successful movie in Barmonica in those days which later got remade as Padosan in Hindiand that movie marked the begining of Milon Gupta's mouth organ being used in films.

My father and I were both fans together and we would listen to this cassette often. Asim Banerjee who was one of his students. With best Regards to all of my guru bhai in India. You can listen to his numbers particulary our National anthem which he played by a chord harmonica.

Milon as the best professional Harmonica player in India. Posted by Nachiketa Desai at 7: I am a fan of Milon Gupta. A fact unknown to many, he was one of the only person in India who knew how to repair and retune the mouth organ.

Milon Gupta - Learn Harmonica

Milon da, i miss you a lot. Can u give some info on Shaukat Mukherjee who is also a accomplished player of harmonica. Almost unbelievable as it may sound, but he adapted this instrument to play kirtans and rabindrasangeet with as much finesse as he used to play Western. In fact I read his interview in a hindi weekly Dhramyug where he gave information about different styles of playiong and brands of Harmonica.

He is Mr gautam chowdhury now lives in Netherlands. Can anyone suggest how to get it tuned within India.

I do have a mouth organ Chromatic Octave - "The 64 Chromonica" and a Chromonica, which has gone out of tune. I cannot seem to find much except online listening to some of his tunes.

This was way back in Dear sandeep ji, Thx for your message. Milon da was a peer harmonica player.

Milon Gupta

You can clarify any of your doubts regarding harmonica. I talked to him a number of times.

Can anyone give me the details of the site? Dear Ramkrishnaji, Thanks for such a detail article on my beloved teacher. I don't have his cd's but me and my father are his huge fans so please help me to get those songs. I live in Amritsar PB India. This was later narrated by Milon Gupta in an interview on Television a few years before his death.


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