The hodgeheg story

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Country United Kingdom Republic of Ireland. So one day he readies himself at the edge of the path and when the man turns green he tries to run across the road. Its really sweet because it ends This a charming little book all about road safety and hedgehogs. He suddenly becomes a Hodgeheg as he begins mixing up all his words. We wrote diary entries in the style of Max, acrostic poems, Kennings, character thought bubbles and used ICT to create a word cloud.

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It's a little unbelievable, though not too much so What? The next day, Max dtory how the lollipop lady stops all of the traffic twice a day and allows the children to cross.

This vocabulary and punctuation also allows for children to develop their understanding of how they can read with expression through roleplay and drama.

He is halfway across, but then the humans from the other side approach and he gets pushed around and is unable to get to the other side. The book is suitable for children aged 6 to 9 because it has some hard words in it and it is also suitable for people who like animal,especially hedgehogs!

Book Reviews for The Hodgeheg By Dick King-Smith | Toppsta

With the help of his family he mite get over the road. Oh, how much I loved this book. The opinions expressed are mine alone and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the publisher. However, I didn't like it when Max got hurt. Lists with This Book.

Jan 06, Ho Ming Yung rated it it was amazing. It has a lovely message of perserverance and not giving up.

Children's Books - Reviews - The Hodgeheg | BfK No. 57

Mar 03, Claire O'Brien rated it really liked it. Please click here to view information about the school's additional funding. Paperback Number of Pages: PA Hedgehog thd his son that he does not know and sets him the challenge of finding out. To ask other readers questions about The Hodgehegplease sign up.

His first attempt results in a bump on the head and Max starts to muddle up his words and loses his direction. This is a atory story of road safety and overcoming obstacles, which I used with year 3 which they enjoyed and were able to access easily as a class with it being read to them.

Sep 10, Cathy rated it liked it. All of my class enjoyed it and I hope you do as well. I adored this hogdeheg when I was little.

Hodgheeg Max, who is brighter than the average hedgehog, is determined to solve the problem. When asked how he is he says hodegheg instead of "OK. Dick King-Smith is one of the world's favourite children's book authors. Sory is the book suitable for?: The children couldren could research hedgehogs using the internet and books and godgeheg facts about them Cross-curricular, ICT and Literacy.

Max's determination may come from a place or bravery or ignorance. Thankfully he never tries to say "Dick King-Smith. Jennifer JenIsNotaBookSnob It is called that because of a portion in the story where the main character has hit his head after being bumped by a cyclist.

The victim of a hit-and-run, Max becomes disoriented — head spinning, words jumbled — yet he persists in his goal. Max returns home to his family with this information and, the following day, they all cross the road when the lollipop lady stops the traffic. It is written very well and i like how max is not giving up and does what he can.

The Hodgeheg

This leads to some very humorous language which children love. It's anthropomorphic, though written as if the narrator is a part of the hedgehogs' world, rather than the humans' world. And if you insist on a moral, I suppose it has one -- road safety.


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