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Once again thanks for providing such an outstanding high quality service! It is rock-solid awesome. Powersnipe is worth every penny and more. I am really enjoying your service - causing me to win far too many auctions! Eaze of lay back use!

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Not only did I win, I won them all and none came close to my ending bid. How to snipe an auction 4 steps Once you are registered with our system step 1open the PowerSnipe eBay Auction Sniper program. I put in a high maximum bid but half what it would cost me retail. However I will definitely not be referring anybody to use Powersnipe since it is simply too good a competitive advantage.

A seller actually gave me a tip about using a sniper service, and when I researched around, yours kept popping to the top of the list. You folks are the greatest! The support staff have been very helpful and quick to respond to my questions. Enter the URL of the page you want to use when the program starts and click Save German users can use https: We have been bid sniping auctions sinceand offer an eBay sniping solution that is fully automated and simple to use.

Other services have been less than reliable. You have done wonders for me. It will give me a chance to put on my creative hat.

I have used other sniping products in the past, and yours is way ahead of the pack. For so long I would stress and powfrsnipe out on so many eBay auctions I wanted, and or needed so bad because I work long hours as an Inspector for a very large company and can't be surfing around eBay while at work.


I have a slowish web connection up here in the sticks wireless modem but you guys are blazing fast. Powersnipe is an eBay Sniper and bid sniping service that automatically places your bid in the closing seconds of an eBay bidding auction, increasing your chance of winning. In the past 10 years our bidding service has saved users over 5 million dollars on eBay auctions. From the Auction Manager page you can add a new auction, change your max bid up to two minutes before the auction endsgo to the auction page, and cancel the auction up to two minutes before the auction ends.

Now I at least know that I am in the running and have a fair posersnipe to win the item that I want and most frequently do! No more sitting around my computer watching the powersnipee countdown! Thanks again Signed Tony.

I have saved so much money already My hat is off to this fabulous experience.

We eliminate all of the problems associated with bidding and give you the best possible chance of winning poersnipe auction. Loyal Power Snipe subscriber" D. Enter your max bid. Now I know how it works, I feel really dumb for not having Powersnipe sooner - I just won two great auctions in a row- both at less than my maximum bid- thanks!

How to Snipe on eBay Get started sniping auctions in 3 easy steps: Already I have made my money back on what I have spent to purchase your program. How to snipe an auction 4 steps. There are no percentage commissions or other hidden fees. Click "Set eBay Powersinpe Page. Keep up the good work!

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Connect With Us Facebook. I used Powersnipe tonight and won a fantastic antique clock which was for sale in Italy.

I am now going into buying and selling timepieces fill time thanks to your program.


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